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Testklang #5

Luc Ferrari - Journal Intime

Written in the 1980s, Luc Ferrari’s Journal Intime is a music theatre piece based on his original diaries from the same period. The playful collage consists of spoken word, piano, singing and tape recordings of Luc’s music - as well as of his own voice. This recording of Journal Intime is a studio edit of the original theatrical score, featuring the pianist Rei Nakamura and the soprano Sarah Maria Sun. It is accompanied by a feature length music documentary film with the actress Lisette Malidor, the director Philippe Adrien, the singer Elise Caron and Brunhild Ferrari. On the tenth anniversary of Luc’s death in August 2005, this release aims quite literally to bring back his own voice – as well as to cast light on the contribution of his wife and long time collaborator, Brunhild.

Luc Ferrari - Journal Intime (1980–1982)
Comédie musicale pour piano, récitante et chanteuse as edited for studio by Testklang (2015)
01. Introduction, 08:42
02. Journal intime, 03:21
03. Ma main, qu’est-ce que c’est?, 01:34
04. Essai de description du sexe féminin, 05:30
05. Histoire du plaisir et de la désolation, 06:00
06. Harmonie du diable, 07:55
07. Chanson de la forêt, 08:27
08. La musique est autre chose, 02:54
09. Chronopolis, 02:36
10. Boum boum, 02:35
11. Le sexe féminin me trouble, 01:15
12. 11 Mai 1982, 02:03
13. 16 Mai 1982, 03:14
14. Regarde-moi comme je suis belle, 02:08
15. Hommage, 05:53
CD total 64:13

Luc Ferrari - Journal Intime (2015), documentary film by Aron Kitzig and Marc Tritschler with Brunhild Ferrari, Lisette Malidor, Philippe Adrien and Élise Caron, 56:00

The physical release is a special CD-edition with a download code for all films plus the digital booklet, including the full text of Journal Intime in the original French, as well as English and German translations. The digital FLAC download contains the lossless audio as well as the digital booklet. The digital MP3 download contains the audio in a lossy 320kb format as well as the digital booklet.