Palimpsesto Cubes

Testklang #4


Palimpsesto contains five exceptional new recordings of pieces by the contemporary Spanish composers Hèctor Parra, Elena Mendoza, Alberto Posadas and Juan María Cué, as well as a renaissance piece by Luis de Narváez in a new arrangement by Miguel Pérez Iñesta. The title Palimpsesto derives from the ancient or medieval context of the word that refers to the gleaming through of old and extinguished text layers on a rewritten piece of parchment. Similarly the Zafraan Ensemble under the baton of Manuel Nawri examines the works of the Spanish avantgardists for the influences of their tradition and opens up an excitingly multifaceted soundscape performed with superior brilliance. Further features of Palimpsesto are five poems, including a new creation by poet José Antonio Rodriguez Alva and a music video by Martin Maier for Hèctor Parras Ciel Rouillé. The five art objects of the painter Luis Ángel Prestell that were created as a reflection of the five music pieces serve as a starting material for Fabian Lefelmann’s design.

1. Hector Parra Ciel Rouillé (2005), 10:30
2. Elena Mendoza Díptico (2003/2004), 12:59
3. Luys de Narváez, arr. by Miguel Pérez Iñesta Guárdame las Vacas (1538/2013), 02:23
4. Juan María Cué El Espacio Interior (2007), 12:03
5. Alberto Posadas Nebmaat (2003), 16:12

1. Ciel Rouillé, film by Martin W. Maier, 12:48
2. Yo te rezo, poem by José Antonio Rodríguez Alva, 01:42
3. The Making of Palimpsesto, documentary by Sebastian Solte 50:43

Especially for this release the Spanish artist Prestell created a series of five artefacts. The elaborately designed objects are related to the five music pieces and contain a hidden reference to the music video of the same release. The handmade objects are limited to five series with five objets each.

The physical release is a special CD-DVD edition with music and films in an extensive booklet and design packaging. The digital FLAC download contains the lossless audio. The digital MP3 download contains the audio in a lossy 320kb format.