Testklang Serie 1
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Testklang #1

Bunita Marcus - Sugar Cubes

Bunita Marcus - Sugar Cubes includes five world premiere recordings of solo and chamber music works by Bunita Marcus, as well as a previously unpublished orchestration of the solo piano piece Merry Christmas Mrs. Whiting by Morton Feldman from 1983. The scores - all part of the private library of the composer - were provided to Testklang exclusively. The pieces were recorded 2011 at Andreaskirche in Berlin with the pianist Marc Tritschler and Ensemble Adapter under the baton of Manuel Nawri. Bunita Marcus was present during the recordings. The close cooperation has led to recordings of unique intensity.

"Sometimes the sounds I hear are beautiful, but the beauty is not the subject of the music, never. Even in my most beautiful pieces, I always use beauty as a kind of disguise. It's a surface and underneath the surface I'm working and feeling a subtext." (Bunita Marcus during the recordings in Berlin, 2011)

1. Sugar Cubes (1996), for piano, 03:20
2. Sleeping Women (1984), for piano, violin and flute, 10:23
3. Lecture For Jo Kondo (1985), for piano, violin, alto flute and percussion, 20:48
4. Merry Christmas Mrs. Whiting, orchestrated by Morton Feldman (1983), for piano, flute, clarinet, harp and percussion, 02:46
5. »...but to fashion a lullaby for you.« (1988, revised 1998), for piano, 22:41

1. Sleeping Women (2012), music video by Aron Kitzig, 11:34
2. Making Of, interviews and talks with performers

Besides the music and the videos a limited edition artefact has been produced in celebration of Bunita Marcus' 60th birthday. The handmade collectors item includes the CD and DVD, the booklet in form of a poster and a handsigned portrait photography of the composer.

The physical release is a special CD-DVD edition with music and films in an extensive booklet and design packaging. The digital FLAC download contains the lossless audio. The digital MP3 download contains the audio in a lossy 320kb format.